Industrieller Rückbau

Industrieller Rückbau


We know the difficulties our customers face due to our extensive demolition experience. As such, we pride ourselves on executing complex projects in the safest, most cost effective and least disruptive way.
You can rely on the Ackermann Group for all demolition services.
To exceed expectations on a variety of complicated projects,
we combine state-of-the-art equipment with cutting management systems and the
highest standards of safety, conventional and high-reach demolition
, as well as blast demolition and dismantling.

We offer two phases of building demolition.

• The first stage is completed; this includes the dismantling of the foundation, regardless of whether the underground part of the building is still standing.

• The second stage is partial, indicating that only part or a specific element of the structure is removed while retaining the meaning of the object

The basic one is the dismantling of the structure in one of its direct ways. Preparation includes determining the scope, cost and schedule of work.

An analysis of the collapsed structure is the first step in the preparation phase to identify variables such as:

• The current condition of the building.

• Exakte Abnahme aller Leistungen (Strom, Erdgas, Wasser etc.).
• Demolition preparation that doesn’t harm surrounding buildings or structures.

The demolition contractor creates a strategy for the destruction of structures after obtaining the results of the task. The tasks that assure safety at all work phases are given extra focus at this point. 

The demolition contractor’s responsibilities include these:

• Fencing around the sections that will be closest to the object being taken apart
or destroyed

• Pairing alarm and warning signs

• Safety training for all employees or workers involved in the demolition work

The type of work (such as tearing down low- and high-rise buildings or metal structures), the quantity of people, and the specialized equipment needed to finish the project on schedule are all factors that go into calculating the cost of dismantling a structure .

Buildings are dismantled or demolished manually (manually) and mechanically during the major stage. One of the longest and most time-consuming options is the first. Sledgehammers, wedges, crowbars, and gas cutting devices are among the tools utilized in its application. When alternative methods are  impractical, such as when a demolished structure must be placed in a smallarea, the manual method is employed. It has also been widely used to demolishtiny structures with up to four floors and to remove only a portion of a building.

The mechanized process uses specialized tools 

like excavators, hydraulic hammers, plasma and diamond cutting equipment, and hoisting equipment. Buildings can also be destroyed with explosives. High levels of professionalism, absolute precision in calculations, and executive authorities are responsible for obtaining approvals for building or object demolition. It is essential to create design paperwork and conduct an examination to determine that the building cannot be used for further processing before organizing the demolition procedure.

Do not perform such important work without the necessary training. The design of the entire structure may be violated by even the smallest error made during disassembly. The building will be demolished quickly and affordably by a specialized company that has all the required tools and permissions for the work

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